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Goran Rafajlovski


  1. PhD 1996 Faculty of Electrical Engineering Skope
  2. MSc 1991 Faculty of Electrical Engineering Zagreb
  3. BSc 1987 Faculty of Electrical Engineering Skopje


Goran Rafajlovski was born in Skopje, Macedonia, on May 2, 1963. He graduated from the University - Skopje, received Master degree from University Zagreb Croatia in 1991 and Ph.D.  from University of Skopje 1996. He is a Member of DAAD Alumni and  IEEE IAS Power Engineering Society. He is invited Lecturer at SRH University in Berlin in the field of Renewable Energy and Energy markets. In the period of 1998 to 2001 served as CEO of Electric Power Company of Macedonia, responsible for production, transmission and distribution of energy, making important contribution to the privatization, modernization and liberalization of the company. From 2001 to 2005 he served as Macedonian ambassador in Berlin, Federal Republic of Germany. His field of interest includes renewable, power quality, electrical machines and drives, power electronics and energy efficiency control techniques.  He is today a full Professor in the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies of the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University, Rudjer Boshkovik 18, P.O.Box 574,1000 Skopje, Macedonia (e-mail: )


Some Important Invited Paper/Presentation

From over 80 Scientific papers.

  1. Goran Rafajlovski, Emil Ratz and others: Modeling and Simulation of Voltage Inverter fed Induction Motor with Stator flux orientation, IEEE-IAS Annual Meeting, Orlando, Florida USA 1995, Vol.1,pp 546-552
  2. Goran Rafajlovski, Emil Ratz: Modeling Analysis and Simulation of Motor Parameter Variation in Vector Controlled Electrical Drives, IEEE PESC, 28 ANNUAL POWER ELECTRONICS SPECIALIST CONFERENCE, St.Luis, South Carolina, USA, Juni 1997
  3. Goran Rafajlovski: Performance of Electric Power System of Macedonia, Future Trends and Investment Projects, Published by Nemesis Intelligence Worldwide, Klagenfurt Austria, Global Power Infrastructure, The Millennium Edition 2000, pp.14-16
  4. Goran Rafajlovski, Krste Najdenkoski: Modeling of Circuit Parameter Variation in Vector Controlled Induction Motor Drives, OPTIM`06, 10-th International Conference on Optimization of Electrical and Electronic Equipments, Romania, Brasov, 2006
  5. Krste Najdenkoski, Goran Rafajlovski, Jordan Shikoski: Thermal Aging of Distribution Transformer According to IEEE and IEC Standards, Published in Magazine Advances in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Volume6 (13), Number 2(26), ISSN 1582-7445, 2006
  6. Goran Rafajlovski: Wirtschaftliche Entwicklung Mazedoniens: Vortrag an Internationale Konferenz Sudosteuropa Geselschaft und Konrad Adenauer Stiftung: Der Westliche Balkan: politische Ordnung, wirtschaftliche Stabilität und internationales Engagement, Berlin 27. Okt 2006
  7. Goran Rafajlovski: Politische und Wirtschaftliche Perspektiven Mazedoniens in Hinblick auf die EU und NATO, Vortrag an Ost-/Südosteuropa an der Niederöstereich Landesakademie, St. Pölten November 2007
  8. Goran Rafajlovski, Krste Najdenkoski: Energy Efficiency in Vector Controlled Variable Speed Drives VSDs, International , 12th InternationalConference on Electric machines, Drives and Power Systems, supportet by VDE, FNTS, IEEE, pp 6, okt 2008
  9. Goran Rafajlovski: Mazedonien: Potenziale zur Erhöhung der Energieeffizienz und den Einsatz erneuerbarer Energien, Südosteuropa Mitteilungen, 03-04/Jahrgang 2009,s.111-121, /
  10. Mirchevski Slobodan, Arsov ljupco, Iljazi Iljaz, Rafajlovski Goran: The influence of reactive power on energy efficiency in houshold application, WSEAS/NAUN International Conference, Kos Island, Greece, July 14-17,2012
  11. Goran Rafajlovski, Krste Najdenkoski, ljubomir Nikoloski Herbert Heidvogl: POWER QUALITY MONITORING AND SAMPLE SIZE ANALYSIS,BEYOND EN 50160 AND IEC 61000-4-30 CIRED 22nd International Conference on Electricity Distribution, Stockholm, 10-13 June 2013
  12. Mihail Digalovski, Krste Najdenkoski Goran Rafajlovski, Impact of current high order harmonic to core losses of three-phase distribution transformer, EuroCon 2013 • 1-4 July 2013 • Zagreb, Croatia
  13. Mihail Digalovski, Krste Najdenkoski and Goran Rafajlovski: Prediction of Core Losses of Three-Phase Distribution Transformer, Journal of Energy and Power Engineering Volume 7, Number 12, December 2013, ISSN 1934-8975, CA 91770, USA
  14. Goran Rafajlovski, Energy Security Policy of the EU- Role of the western Balkan, Plenary Report , International Conference on Information technologies, InfoTech-2014, 18-18 September, Varna Bulgaria
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