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You are here: Home Faculty Education Programmes Postgraduate Programmes Postgraduate study programmes (2013 - 2018) 02-Electrical Machines and Automation (02-EMA) Computer Modeling and Analysis of Electrical Machines

Computer Modeling and Analysis of Electrical Machines

COURSE: Computer Modeling and Analysis of Electrical Machines

Code: ФЕИТ02011

ECTS points: 6 ECTS

Number of classes per week: 3+0+0+3

Lecturer: prof. Goga Cvetkovski

Subject of the course content:

Theoretical basics for comuter analysis of electrical machines (electrical motors/generators, transformers and apparatuses). Introduction to the computer packages for simulation and analysis of electrical machines, transformers and apparatuses (MATLAB-Simulink, PSPICE, SIMPLORER, CASPOC, ANSOFT etc.); Introduction to numerical methods for calculations and analysis of electrical machines (Finite Element Method) and introduction to the software packages for that purpose (ANSYS, FEMM, MATLAB). Modellig of electrical machines and their parameters for computer simulation and numerical analysis using Finite Element Mehod. Geometrical modeling of electrical machines. Magnetic materials modeling (B-H curves, permanent magnets, soft magnetic composite materials), modelling and simulation of the electical machines source, modelling and simulation of the electical machines loads, electical machines displacements modelling, Numerical calculation and computer modelling of the magnetic field in the electrical machines, as well as calculation and analysis of their characteristics using the software package FEMM. Mathematical and simulation models of electrical machines in MATLAB for their computer simulation and analysis. Develpment of static and dynamic electrical machines models and analysis of the characteristics for differen working regimes.

Computer simulation, numerical calculation and analysis of thermal processes in electrical machines using different methods and software packages.


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