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You are here: Home Faculty Education Programmes Postgraduate Programmes Postgraduate study programmes (2013 - 2018) 05- Project management (05-PM) Project leadership, Management and Entrepreneurialship

Project leadership, Management and Entrepreneurialship

COURSE: Project leadership, Management and Entrepreneurialship

Code: ФЕИТ04002

ECTS points: 6 ECTS

Number of classes per week: 3+0+0+3

Lecturer: Doc. d-r Nevenka Kiteva Rogleva

Subject of the course content: Leading and managing in contemporary organizational culture. Acknowledgement  of  different leadership styles for leading following organizational strategic planning.  Organizing and leading in accordance with the type of the projects. Project Portfolio management and Project Management Office – A standard  project management office. Team management. Project manager. Conflict management and negotiation skills in the projects. Development of analytical and decision making skills for mitigation of the complex conceptual tasks in project risk management. Communication strategy. Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening. Mentoring. Project presentation. Entrepreneurial basics in electrical engineering and power engineering. Business plan preparation. Small business in electrical engineering and new technologies.


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