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You are here: Home Faculty Education Programmes Postgraduate Programmes Postgraduate study programmes (2013 - 2018) 07-Dedicated computer systems (07-DCS) Technologies for storing and processing data

Technologies for storing and processing data

COURSE: Technologies for storing and processing data

Code: ФЕИТ07014

ECTS points: 6 ECTS

Number of classes per week: 3+0+0+3

Lecturer: Prof. Sanja Veleva

Subject of the course content: Databases and knowledge bases. Agents, fuzzy logic and knowledge bases in support of adaptive, agile information systems. Space-time sensing data and GIS. Multimedia distributed databases. Modern tools for data analysis and data mining. Data warehouse and decision-making system. Data mining. Knowledge discovery in databases. Transmission of multimedia information, protocols, coding interfaces and standards and formats for data exchange, medium synchronization and real-time support.


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