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Service-based database processing

COURSE: Service-based database processing

Code: ФЕИТ00018

ECTS Points: 6 ЕCТS

Number of classes per week: 3+0+0+3

Lecturer: prof. Dancho Davchev

Subject of the course content:

Delivery of services in an efficient and reliable way to new computational environments that include clouds, communicative objects, sensors and smart devices. Software and service technologies that use the Internet - based services including network software and cloud computations.

Self-adaptable web - based services that use agile software technologies and tools that are using distributed software architectures, distributed large data sets and smart sensors. Services in open and collaborative software environments. Support for global interoperability of software and service technologies. Complex services and managing large data sets in multiple - layered cloud computing environment. Algorithms to support quality of service in sensor networks (QoS / SLA). Providing adequate bandwidth and delay. System services and distributed services in sensor networks. Delay tolerant networks and opportunistic networking strategies. Resistance to errors and reliability. Resource allocation and equity. Ordering of resources in real-time. Ordering and optimization. Capacity planning. Techniques for the interpretation and use of sensor data in decision-making processes. Distributed data processing. Distributed query processing. Distributed algorithms for collaborative processing. Allocation of tasks, reprogramming and reconfiguration. Processing and network aggregation. Data analysis and visualization. Data storage in sensor networks. Data querying. Dissemination of data. Data compression and aggregation. Transport of data in wireless sensor networks. Extracting data and data fusion in wireless sensor networks. Redundancy.


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