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Digital Image Processing and Analysis

COURSE: Digital Image Processing and Analysis

Code: ФЕИТ05023

ECTS points: 6 ECTS

Number of classes per week: 3+0+0+3

Lecturer: Assoc. prof. Zoran Ivanovski

Subject of the course content:

The digitized image and its properties. Data structures for image analysis. Image pre-processing: Luminance transformations; Geometric transformations; Local pre-processing; Image restoration. Advanced segmentation techniques: Thresholding; Edge-based segmentation; Region-based seg mentation. Advanced optimal border and surface detection approaches. Shape representation and description: Region identification; Contour-based shape representation and description; Region-based shape representation and description; Shape classes. Object recognition: Knowledge representation; Statistical and syntactic pattern recognition; Recognition as graph matching; Optimization techniques in recognition. Mathematical morphology: Basic concepts and morphological transformations; Topological processing. Texture: Statistical texture description; Syntactic texture description methods; Hybrid texture description methods; Texture recognition method applications. Image understanding: Image understanding control strategies; Active contour models and point distribution models; Pattern recognition methods in image understanding; Scene labeling and constraint propagation; Semantic image segmentation and understanding. Motion analysis: Differential motion analysis methods; Optical flow; Analysis based on correspondence of interest points; Kalman filters. 3d vision: 3d vision tasks; Geometry for 3d vision; Radiometry and 3d vision.


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