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Multimedia Security

COURSE: Multimedia Security

Code: ФЕИТ05025

ECTS points: 6 ECTS

Number of classes per week: 3+0+0+3

Lecturer: prof. Dimitar Taskovski

Subject of the course content: Introduction to the problem of data hiding.

Digital watermarking. History of watermarking. Applications and Properties. Models of Watermarking. Methods classification and evaluation. Perceptual Models in digital watermarking. Robustness and security.

Digital watermarking techniques. Content Authentication Steganography and Steganalysis. History of steganography. General concepts and applications of steganography. Multimedia data steganography techniques. Steganalysis.


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  2. S. Katzenbeisser and F. Petitcolas (editors), Information Hiding Techniques for Steganography and Digital Watermarking, Artech House, 2000