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Digital Transmission of Information

Course title: Digital Transmission of Information

Code: FEIT10Z011

Number of credits (ECTS): 6

Weekly number of classes: 3+1+1+0

Prerequisite for enrollment of the subject: Mathematics 3

Course goals/Competences: Introduction to modern techniques and technology for transmission of information. Understanding the basic communication principles, techniques for transmission of informations and communication networks.

Total available number of classes: 180

Curriculum: Basic model of system for digital transmission of information. Sources of information. Random and deterministic signals. Fourier transformation and frequency spectrum of deterministic signals. Correlation functions and frequency spectrum of random processes. Transfer function and impulse response of linear system. Ideal transmission. Signal distorsion. Amplitude modulation. Phase and frequency modulation. White Gaussian noise and its characteristics. Sampling, quantication and impulse-coded modulation. Digital modulation. Decision making criteria. Error probability in digital receiver. Layered architecture in telecommunications networks. OSI reference model and TCP / IP. Higher protocol layers. Medium access control protocols and local area networks. CSMA. 100 Mbit/s and 1000 Mbit/s Ethernet. Optical networks. IEEE 802.11 Wireless LANs. IP protocol. TCP protocol. Internet. Network architecture and routing. Next generation networks. Modern telecommunication services and applications.



Compulsory literature







B. P. Lathi

Modern digital and analog communication systems

Oxford University Press



A. L. Garcia, I. Vidzaja

Communication networks: fundamental concepts and key architectures