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Automation and System Engineering

Educational activity

The members of the Institute teach most of the courses (10 compulsory and 11 elective) in the study programme of Computer System Engineering and Automation, as well as a number of courses of other study programmes in the field of modern system control, robotics, automation, artificial intelligence etc. They also teach most of the courses of the master degree programme of Computer System Engineering and Automation, and also teach courses of some other second cycle programmes at the Faculty. All members of the Institute have also prepared courses for the third cycle doctoral studies that will start in autumn of 2010.

Scientific and research activity

The members of the Institute have realized many international and domestic scientific and research projects in the following areas:
  • Long Distance Control of Hydro-Systems,
  • Developing SCADA System for Hydro-System Zletovica,
  • Distributed Control of Hydro-System Strezevo,
  • On-line Monitoring and Diagnostics of Errors in Industrial Systems,
  • Integrated Two Area Control Systems with Decentralized Control of Linked Objects,
  • Development of Control Kits for School Projects,
  • Development of Computer Control Kits for Vocational School,
  • Optimization Methods in System Control,
  • Scientific Programme on Control of Complex Systems of the European Science Foundation,
  • Advanced Modelling and Control Techniques for Switched Systems and Switching Controls with Application to Hybrid Systems,
  • Problems of Advanced Control of Hybrid and Network Systems,
  • Development and Implementation of Algorithms for Guiding, Navigation and Control of Moving Objects,
  • Development of Education and Training Courses for Control Engineers in Macedonian Industry,
  • PID Control of Continuous and Discrete Linear Systems,
  • Artificial Intelligence.

Members of the Institute of Automation and System Engineering


Laboratory for Automation and System Engineering