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Computer Science and Computer Engineering

Educational activity

The members of the Institute teach courses (15 compulsory and 48 elective) in the study programmes of Informatics and Computer Engineering and Professional Studies for Informatics, as well as a number of courses of other study programmes in the field of computer languages, computer architectures, multimedia, internet and web design and services, application software, computer graphics, computer networks, databases, etc. They also teach most of the courses of the master degree programmes of Performance Evaluation and Data Analysis in Computer Communication Systems, Computer Networks and e-Technologies, Software Engineering, Content Based Retrieval, Intelligent Information Systems, System on Chip, and Bioinformatics, and also teach courses of some other second cycle programmes at the Faculty. All members of the Institute have also prepared courses for the third cycle doctoral studies that will start in autumn of 2010.

Scientific and research activity

The members of the Institute have realised many international and domestic scientific and research projects in the following areas:
  • Bioengineering Research and Education,
  • 3D Content Generation and Presentation in MPEG4,
  • CIS Project for the Ministry of Defence in Macedonia,
  • EXPERO-Robotic Learning Through Experiment,
  • Distributed Multimedia Educational System,
  • Distance Education System,
  • Virtual Laboratory as part of Virtual University,
  • System on Chip Design,
  • Multimedia Medical Data Bases and Their 3D Visualisation,
  • Web Based Modeling and Presentation of 3D Archaeological Objects,
  • Modeling of Learning at Intelligent Robots by Using the Theory of Dynamic Systems,
  • Collaborative and Mobile Learning,
  • Efficient Interactive Interfaces for Visualisation and Monitoring in Medical Practice.

Members of the Institute of Computer Science and Computer Engineering


Laboratory for Computer Science and Computer Engineering