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Electrical Machines, Transformers and Apparatures

Educational activity

The members of the Institute teach most of the courses (7 compulsory and 10 elective) in the study programme of Electric Power Devices, as well as a number of courses in other study programmes in the field of electrical machines, transformers, static power converters, switchgear and protective devices, etc. They also teach most of the courses of the master degree programme of Electrical Machines and Automation, and also teach courses of some other second cycle programmes at the Faculty (Renewable Energy Sources, Power Electronics, Computer System Engineering and Automation etc.). All members of the Institute have also prepared courses for the third cycle doctoral studies that will start in autumn of 2010.

Scientific and research activity

The members of the Institute have realised many international and domestic scientific and research projects in the following areas:
  • Investigation of Bimetal Relays and Contactors,
  • Production Technology and Factory Testing of Power Transformers,
  • Numerical Methods for Computer Aided Design of Electric Power Devices,
  • Optimal Design of Electric Power Devices Based on Energy Consumption Improvement,
  • Monitoring, Analysis and Determination of Isolation System Condition in Power Transformers,
  • Genetic Algorithms as Toll for Optimal Design of Electrical Machines,
  • Dynamic Processes in Low Voltage Linear Actuators,
  • Application of Novel Methods for Computer Aided Analysis of Electrical Machines,
  • Renewable Energy-Investigation of Wind Energy Potential in Macedonia, Establishing of Wind Data Base in Macedonia, Development of Wind Park in Macedonia,
  • Restructuring and Up-Dating Electric Power Engineering Study,
  • Application of FEM in Design and Analysis of Electrical Machines,
  • DC motors with Permanent Magnets Applied in Automotive Industry,
  • Development of Inductive Ballast for Lamps,
  • Development of UPS for Telecommunication Systems,
  • Development of Single Phase PM Motor Using Composite Materials,
  • Development of Production Technology for Power Transformers with Increased Efficiency,
  • E-Bus Technology Applied in Commercial Buildings for Rational Energy Consumption.

Members of the Institute of Electrical Machines, Transformers and Apparatuses


Laboratory for Electrical Machines, Transformers and Apparatuses