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Electrical Measurements and Materials

The Department of Electrical Measurement and Materials (DEMEM) has started its activites in 1959 as a Chair of Electrical Measurments at the Department of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering at the Technical Faculty in Skopje.

Today, the Department of Electrical Measurement and Materials develops its activites in the educational, scientific and reseach, as well as in applicative fields as a part of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies in Skopje.

In the frames of its educational activities the Department develops the following undergraduate curricula:

  • Electrical measurements
  • Basics measurement techniques
  • Power systems measurements
  • Electrical measurements of non-electrical quantities
  • Electronic materials
  • Microsensors and measurement systems
  • Electrical measurements for power devices
  • Sensors and data aquisition
  • Telecomunication measurements
  • Process measurements and electronics materials
  • Principles of management control

In the frames of the graduate studies of FEIT, DEMEM covers the educational activities of the Metrology and Quality Management study programe. The students of this study programme have the opportunity to choose among the curricula, though which they are specialized in the field of metrology.

DEMEM participates in international European projects, like the TEMPUS programme for higher education reforms. One of the successfully finished projects was Tempus CD_JEP 19010-2004 “Introducing two-tier studies in the field of Metrology”. The department is the leading coordinator of the bilateral project “Exploring the wind energy potential in R. Macedonia”, financed by the Norwegian Government, as well as many other projects financed by the Ministry of Education and Science of R. Macedonia.

Through these projects the students have the possibility to realize international study mobilities at internationally recognised European universities.

The scientific and research staff of the Department participates with own scientific contributions at numerious international and domestic conferences, symposiums and congresses. DEMEM has developed a long-term co-operation with the industry in solving the professional problems as well as application of the most recent scientific achievement in the everyday engineering praxis. Until now, a lot of international projects have been realised, like the finished TEMPUS project "Introduction of Two-Tier Studies in Metrology" (,
A long-term cooperation between DEMEM and the three biggest Macedonian power system companies (ESM-EVN, MEPSO and ELEM) has been established escpecially in the field of measurements of the parameters of the large grounding systems. Studies in co-opeartion with the Macedonian Telecom for determination of the safe area near the power system sites have been realised. Problem solving for cathode protection for different industry subjects has been made. A co-operation with the Ministry of Defence of R. Macedonia has been established for development of electronic measurement devices for measurements of radioactive emission and electronic dosimeters. Calibration procedures of instruments have been done for numerious industry customers. In co-operation with ЕМО А.D-Ohrid new products for their production programme have been designed and realised and for the needs of the Oil Production Company ОКТА a system calibration for mobile reservoars has been realised. At the Department the following testings are done: determiniation of the electrical materials quality, antistatic properties, isolation properties etc.

The activities of the Department are realized in the Laboratory of Electrical Measurements and Materials and in the Metrological Laboratory for Electromagnetic Quantities.

The Laboratory for Electrical Measurements and Materials is equipped with proper equipment for laboratory exercises and scientific and research activities, like emulators for micro-controlers programming, data-acquisition systems, programmable instrumentation and other measurement equipment.

The Metrological Laboratory for Electromagnetic Quantities comprises standard-calibrator FLUKE 5500A, DC Voltage standard FLUKE 732A Reference Standard, DC Voltage divider FLUKE, professional electrical bridges, resistance standards and other standards and has a metrological traceability to the primary metrological laboratories, which is done through international inter-laboratory comparisons.

The Department of Electrical Measurments and Materials has a well developed international cooperation with the Technical University in Delft, Netherlands, AGH University in Krakow, Poland, Technical University in Ilmenau, Germany, Physikalisch-Technische Bundesansalt in Braunschweig, Germany, Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland, UK, Vienna University of Technology, Austria, Faculty of Electronic Engineering and Technologies at the Technical University in Sofia, R. Bulgaria, Faculty of Electronics in Nis, Serbia, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in Maribor, R. Slovenia, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in Zagreb, Croatia.

The members of the Department of Electrical Measurements and Materials are:

Head of the Department

Assoc. Prof. Vladimir Dimcev, Ph.D.


Head of the Laboratory for Electrical Measurements and Materials

Prof. Ljupco Arsov, Ph.D.


Head of the Master study programme

Metrology and Quality Management

Prof. Cvetan Gavrovski, Ph.D.


Ass. Prof. Marija Cundeva-Blajer, Ph.D.


Teaching Assistant Mare Srbinovska, M.Sc.


Ljubisav Glisic, Technical Assistant.


Non-active staff members:

Prof. Blagoj Handziski, Ph.D.

Teaching ass. Radmila Sekerinska, B.Sc.


Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies

Department of Electrical Measurements and Materials

Karpos 2 bb, POBox 574, 1000 Skopje

Phone: +38923099110


The Laboratory of Electrical Measurement and Materials


Metrological Laboratory for Electromagnetic Quantities


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