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Educational activity

The members of the Institute teach most of the courses (10 compulsory and 30 elective) in the study programme of Electronics, Radioengineering and Signal Processing covering the field of microelectronics, power electronics, electromagnetic theory, circuit theory, digital signal processing, embedded systems, audio and video systems, broadcasting systems and electronic measurements, as well as a number of courses of other study programmes in the previously mentioned fields. They also teach most of the courses of the master degree programmes of Power Electronics, Digital Signal Processing and Embedded Micro Computer-Systems, and also teach courses of some other second cycle programmes at the Faculty. All members of the Institute have also prepared courses for the third cycle doctoral studies that will start in autumn of 2010.

Scientific and research activity

The members of the Institute have realised many international and domestic scientific and research projects in the following areas:
  • Switch-Mode Power Supplies for Industrial Applications,
  • Modelling and Simulation of Fuel-Cell Power Supplies,
  • Embedded Systems Design,
  • Image and Video Processing,
  • Algorithms for Intelligent Video Security Systems Applicable on Modern Digital Media Processors,
  • Electromagnetic Effects and Influence of the Medical Equipment on Environment and People,
  • Digital Compression of Video Sequences,
  • Wavelets Application in Communication and Multimedia,
  • Fuel Dispenser Measurement System,
  • Blended and Computer-supported Cooperative Learning in DSP,
  • Development of Master Courses in DSP, Based on Blended Learning Approach.

Members of the Institute of Electronics


1. Laboratory for Electronics
2. Laboratory for Electronic Measurements
3. Laboratory for Signal Processing