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Educational activity

The members of the Institute teach courses (11 compulsory and 17 elective) in the study programme of Telecommunications, as well as a number of courses of other study programmes in the field of digital telecommunications, wireless and mobile networks, internet technologies, information theory, telecommunication systems, design and modelling of telecommunication networks, etc. They also teach most of the courses of the master degree programme of Wireless and Mobile Communications, Communication and Information Technologies, and also teach courses of other second cycle programmes at the Faculty. All members of the Institute have also prepared courses for the third cycle doctoral studies that will start in autumn of 2010.

Scientific and research activity

The members of the Institute have realised many international and domestic scientific and research projects in the following areas:
  • Laser and Fiber Field Modelling and Launch Optimisation of 850-nm Multimode Fibers for 10 Gigabit Ethernet Applications,
  • Adaptive Reconfigurable Access and Generic Interfaces for Optimisation in Radio Networks,
  • Promote, Mobilise, Reinforce and Integrate Wireless Sensor Networking Research and Researchers: Towards Parvasive Networking of WBC and the EU,
  • Quantitative Assessment of Secondary Spectrum Access,
  • Flexible and Spectrum-Aware Radio Access Through Measurements and Modelling in Cognitive Radio Systems,
  • SEEFIRE-South-Eastern-European Research and Education Network,
  • Reconfigurable Interoperability of Wireless Communications Systems,
  • Implementation of SDH/OPGW Network in Macedonian Power Company,
  • Wireless LAN Design and Performance Evaluation,
  • Modelling and Optimisation of Multi-gigabit Interconnections,
  • Integration of Mobile Cellular Networks and Wireless LAN with QoS,
  • Characterisation and Modelling of Wireless Radio Canal in Closed Environment and Analysis of Its Influence on the Novel Wireless Telecommunication Systems,
  • Digital Microwave Telecommunication System for the Macedonian Radio-Broadcasting,
  • University Gigabit Metro-Optical Network,
  • Novel Techniques for Security Coding Implemented in Wireless Communication Systems.

Members of the Institute of Telecommunications


Laboratory for Telecommunications