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n 1968 the first computing centre of the Faculty of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering of the time was opened with the buying of the first computing machine IBM 1130. That was the first computer of this kind in and the third in ex-Yugoslavia. Professor Momcilo Bogdanov, Ph.D. was the first Head of the computing centre.

With the separation of the Faculty of Electrical and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in 1982 the Faculty Laboratory for Automatic Data Processing -FLADP (originally in Macedonian called FLAOP) was formed. The new IBM computers from the 4331 series were situated in a new classroom. With the formation of this laboratory a new step was made in the promotion of the educational process at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Skopje and preconditions were provided for further advancement of the scientific work in all the fields of the Faculty. Professor Tome Bosevski, Ph.D. was the first Head of FLADP.

In the years to come the existing equipment was upgraded and the number of employees in centre was increased for several times.

In 1992, with the realization of the university computer network another computer classroom was opened. Today, FLADP has on disposal a machine hall in which the main servers and the communicational equipment are set, two classrooms with 40 seats and an Internet classroom for the students. The equipment in the machine hall comes from different manufacturers. FLADP has several server machines on disposal (DEC 5500, IBM RISC 6000, DEC Alfa, HP 9000/720), personal computers and communicational equipment (Cisco switches and routers, Allied Telesyn, 3 Com and RAD and Alcatel modems, and more LAN servers and Digital repeaters, too). The classrooms and the Internet classroom are equipped with Pentium 2 configuration personal computers.