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RoboMac 2014

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RoboMac is an international seminar for robotics and artificial intelligence, organized by IEEE Student Branch Macedonia, EESTEC LC Skopje and Student parlament at FEEIT. This year the event will be hоld for the fifth time, and each new edition of RoboMac is complemented by innovations and enhanced activities compared with the previous one. The vision of this event is to popularize robotics among students and young people in Macedonia and the region, but the goal is to initialize and support the work of many other projects related to robotics.

Around 40 domestic and 40 foreign participants will attend at the seminar, which will be held in the period 4-8 of March this year. The event is conceptualized so, despite the competition has an educational character. The lectures are usually performed by professors and experts in the field of robotics. Interaction between lecturers and participants is one of the traits that characterizes RoboMac.

As one of the major benefits of organizing this type of seminar, we consider the communication between participants, the ability to work in teams and working with real robots (thus gaining invaluable knowledge and experience), animating the students, their creativity etc.

In this year, again to preserve the trend of promoting new category, we will provide the category Right Target. The entire event will culminate at the 8th of March when the final will take place in the Army home in Skopje. The competition categories are:

  • Sumo - two robots are fighting in sumo ring;
  • Humanoids - the complexity of the performed movements are evaluated;
  • Robotic arm - emphasize precision, speed and stability of robotic arm that simulates the movements of the human arm;
  • Race - robots follow the line in the race track;
  • Right Target - robots pass along a certain scheme picking the correct arrangement of balloons in the default order.

Interested student are invited to apply in the period 10-16.02.2014 year at the official website, where you can find more detailed information.